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Cardiovascular Institute

The Marie-Josee and Henry R.Kravis
Center for Cardiovascular Health

Please join us for the installation of


in the Peck Jewish Chapel at
The Mount Sinai Medical Center


Tuesday, October 16
 Guggenheim Pavilion, Second floor
1190 Fifth Avenue @ 101st Street

The Rappaport family has loaned this painting to
Mount Sinai in the hope that it will bring happiness to all who see it.


About the artist

David Rappaport, an American-born artist, had quadruple heart bypass surgery sixteen years ago.  Eight years ago he was the victim of a near-death stroke which impaired his speech, slowed his mobility and immobilized his right hand.  Due to his indomitable will and the extraordinary support of Frances, his wife of sixty-eight years, he survived.  But it was his love of life that enabled him, against all odds, to find a way to continue to paint, the activity that had made his life so rich and full.  With his right hand rendered useless, David fought hard and learned to paint with his left hand.  Painting, second only to his love of Frances, his children and grandchildren, continues to renew his drive and will to enjoy every day as if it were the only day.  The work, as well as David, continues to grow and flourish.

Installation of the painting in the Chapel

Rabbi Aryeh Oberstein
Head Chaplin, The Mount Sinai Medical Center


Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD
Director, Mount Sinai HEART
Richard Gorlin, MD/Heart Research Foundation Professor of Cardiology

Errol Rappaport
Artistic Director, David Rappaport Art Collection


Mary Kilbourn, (212) 659-1553 or mary.kilbourn@mountsinai.org

For additional information
See www.DavidRappaportArt.com or contact Errol Rappaport, (310) 780-1170 or bhgps@aol.com


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